Some of our success stories

120133085_214815933321613_2228052355282169772_n Lamb Weston Lamb Weston was a classic industrial potato manufacturer looking to transition into a 21st century purpose and value-driven business. To that end, they decided to do a year-and-a-half Become Program with 50 company leaders.
49266_S15 Bayer The consumer arm of Bayer did a Become Program with 75 participants with the goal of becoming fully purpose-driven working from the Give Mindset. In the process, the intrinsic DNA of Bayer Consumer Care was deeply researched and mapped.
image Apple Benelux Apple Benelux used the Become Framework® to perfect its own business-to-business operation in Benelux and become a fully purpose-driven business service that really helps customers from their own intrinsic value.
image Walt Disney Walt Disney uses the Become Framework® in a variety of situations when structured changes are needed. The Become Framework® is thus used by them as a change management tool in various situations.
image Bolletje Dutch bakery products manufacturer Bolletje used the Become Framework® to fully optimize its brand positioning as well as continually developing new products in a structured and purpose-driven manner.
image Univé Insurance Dutch insurance company Univé did a very extensive Become Program to integrate the business with three other insurance companies and come up with one intrinsic DNA with corresponding purpose and organization.
image Sonneveld Bakery Solutions Sonneveld Bakery Solutions did an extensive Become Program to get the company fully purpose-driven, working from a true Give Mindset. In the first year after the program, the company managed to increase sales 60%.
Annexum-NSF-Jumbo-supermarkt-933527-Eindhoven-Woensel-1-122020-007-1260×690-1 Jumbo Supermarkets Jumbo is a Dutch supermarket chain that has done a very extensive Become Program to be fully ready for the Purpose Economy of the 212th century. As a result, they are the fastest growing supermarket chain in the Netherlands and currently the second largest supermarket chain.
image Unilever Food Solutions Unilever Food Solutions is the global business-to-business arm of Unilever. They did a comprehensive Become Program with 100 participants to prepare the company for the Purpose Economy of the 21st century.
image Unilever Worldwide Unilever is a global forerunner in purpose and has done an initial Become Program at Unilever Benelux to work fully from the Become Framework. Since then, a growing number of Unilever brands use the Become Framework®.

A few years ago I met Eric Bartels, researcher, author and CEO of Become. For almost 20 years, Eric has been researching the behavior of purpose-driven companies, and has not only written three books about it but also developed a unique methodology together with his research team, called the Becoming Framework. I realized that this approach could lift us to a whole new level, not only because it is much faster and more effective than anything we had done before, but also because there is full ownership among employees and you see real improvements in daily operations, including unprecedented sales increases. And that's exactly what it did for us. Truly unique!  It is a workshop-based approach I can honestly recommend to everyone.

Frits van Eerd  |  CEO Jumbo Supermarkten

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