We did a comprehensive Become Program to implement and use the Become Framework®. We wanted to find the purpose of our company and turn that into an accompanying strategy and effective culture change. We did the program with 30 managers and achieved amazing results. In the first year after the program, both top and bottomline went up through the roof!

Peter Verhagen | CEO Sonneveld Bakery Solutions


Enormous revenue and profit acceleration

Sonneveld is a company of the global Orkla group. When CEO Peter Verhagen began as CEO at Sonneveld, he noted a company that had been growing at an average annual rate of 3% for years. A beautiful, artisanal company, but also a company that had been doing exactly the same thing for years and was actually satisfied with that. However, Peter saw the company’s enormous potential and was looking for a way to structurally change the business.

One day he attended a lecture by Become co-founder Eric HJ Bartels about the research Eric and his research team have been doing for nearly 20 years on the behavior of uniquely successful leaders and businesses. Eric explained that with a different mindset and then different ways of working, you can achieve radically better results. And he also gave examples of businesses where that had already been achieved.

Peter invited Eric Bartels to a meeting, during which Eric explained what the Become Framework is based on and how to apply it within your business. Peter then decided to do a Become Program with his 35-person leadership team and hired a Become Facilitator.

Under the Become Facilitator’s guidance, the company established its intrinsic purpose in 21 layers and translated that into a corresponding strategy for the next 3-5 years. Also, the Become You Scanset was used to identify the why and how of the participants and create more unity in the management of the company.

In the first year after the Become Program, a whopping 60% revenue growth was realized.

  • A Become Program using the following canvases and tools:
  • Become Purpose Canvas
  • Become Strategy Canvas
  • Become You Scanset
  • Become Framework User Manual
  • Become Archetypes User Manual
  • Become Program Center

How Sonneveld applied the Become Framework

Sonneveld used a Become Purpose Strategist™ to facilitate the Become Program.