The tools of the Become Framework®

The Become Framework® is a comprehensive and pragmatic business methodology for the 21st century purpose economy.

In essence, the framework consists of 6 canvases and 2 manuals that allow you to structurally establish the intrinsic DNA-based purpose of your business and optimally translate that into a corresponding strategy with business model, tactics, activation roadmap and agile realization.

You have 2 options to make this possible: (1) you can take our courses, download the canvases and manuals and then get started or (2) you hire certified Become Purpose Strategists™ through Become Alliance to organize this programmatically for you. Read on for more information.


"We did a Becoming Framework program with our regional managers to improve our customer intimacy. They were truly challenged and the results were radically streamlining and accelerating our sales efforts."

Paul Verheul I COO Van Oord Marine Ingenuity


Courses & Workshops

We offer several courses to help you completely master the Become Framework® and become a Become Purpose Strategist™. As a Become Purpose Strategist™, you can do Become Programs™ within your own business or do programs with your clients.

Individuals can do our BecomeYourWhy® and BecomeYourHow® Scans online and attend Become You Workshops™ to optimize their own (work) life. Management teams can do our onsite Become Us Workshop® using the same scans and become the perfect team.

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The Become Framework™ consists of the following canvases:

  1. Become Purpose Canvas™: is used to establish the intrinsic, timeless, DNA-based purpose of your business in 21 layers.
  2. Become Strategy Canvas™: is used to transform your company’s intrinsic, timeless, DNA-based purpose into a 3- to 5-year strategy with an associated business model.
  3. Become Tactics Canvas™: is used to convert the 3 to 5 year strategy with associated business model into a tactical plan with associated goals, approaches, indicators and initiatives to be realized.
  4. Become Roadmap Canvas™: is used to place tactical initiatives on a 3- to 5-year timeline.
  5. Become Initiatives Canvas™: is used by teams to deliver tactical initiatives in a Become Agile™ way.
  6. Become Feedback Canvas™: is used by teams to deliver tactical initiatives in a Become Agile™ way.

Available as printable download and prints.

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There are two Become Framework™ Guides, being the Become Framework System Guide™ and the Become Framework Archetype Guide™. The system guide describes the entire framework including the underlying philosophy in general terms. The archetype guide describes all the archetypes used within the framework to describe the intrinsic why and intrinsic how of a business.

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Our co-founder and CEO Eric HJ Bartels has written three non-fiction books based on our now 20 years of research into the behavior of companies, brands and leaders. They have been published in Dutch by the largest Dutch non-fiction publisher and will soon be published in English.

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We are currently busy developing the Become App™. The Become App™ can be used by individuals and groups to collectively complete the various Become Canvases and then save them for the entire organization. This will involve using the Become Chat™ feature, which can also be used for general business purposes. In practice, therefore, the Become App™ will also be used for the various projects to be carried out within the company. Therefore, eventually a calendar and task system will also be added. The app will be available to everyone in 2024.

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Our subsidary Become Alliance is currently busy developing the Become Alliance Platform™. The Become Alliance Platform™ will be an online environment where Become Purpose Strategists™ can advertise their services to the market and thus businesses can find Become Purpose Strategists™. In addition, Become Purpose Strategists™ can exchange ideas with each other on the platform and form partnerships to handle larger assignments. And finally, business service providers who have aligned their services with the Become Framework® can advertise these services on the platform to businesses already working with the Become Framework®.

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Psychometric instruments

Our online BecomeYourWhy® and BecomeYourHow® Scans are absolutely unique. We draw on the famous psychology of Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, but not only that. We work with words as well as images. Words only measure your self-image. Images give access to your subconscious. So using these unique scans, you can assess your self-image versus your real self. In other words, what do you think your natural talents are and what are those natural talents really? This offers you a unique insight that no other psychological scan can offer you.

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"We have completed a Becoming Framework program for our ice cream brand Hertog, which resulted in a unique experience, even for our experienced marketeers. The intrinsic why of the brand was uncovered. The purpose. We discovered that our brand became removed from its original passion throughout the years. And we realized how this happened. As a marketeer subject to the pressure of market conditions, you operate the whole day in the what rather than the how and why. This was a pivotal insight that we gained during the Becoming Framework program. Going on this insight, we found Hertog's permanent and intrinsic why and how that now forms the permanent directive in everything that we do with the brand."

Sebastien Deneux I Senior brand development manager Unilever

"Robijn is the leading brand of detergent, softener and fragrance sticks in the Netherlands. We did a Becoming Framework program to find and formulate the intrinsic why or purpose of the brand and turn that into the right strategy and the right advertising on all levels. The Becoming Framework approach is a great way to organize your brand in the right logical levels leading to a very specific identity with which advertising agencies can work. It aids in the sharpening of advertisements by testing against target-specific archetypal needs."

Erik Liebe I Marketing Manager Laundry Unilever