We did a nearly two-year Become Program implementing the Become Framework® under the guidance of a renowned Become Purpose Strategist, transforming from a typical industrial potato products manufacturer to a true purpose- and value-driven brand, offering elegantly simple potato enjoyment. An incredible achievement that proves the tremendous power of the Become Framework and Program.

Lorenzo Gardelli | Vice-President Product Studio Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston

Becoming a purpose-driven Stradivarius business

Lamb Weston was a classic industrial potato manufacturer where the new CEO was looking for more alignment within the company. He also wanted the company to be more value-oriented.

So he hired a reputable Become Consultant to do a comprehensive Become Program to properly map the DNA and purpose of the company and translate that into a corresponding strategy and tactics. The goal was also to fundamentally change employees’ beliefs, thinking and behavior to structurally arrive at a true Purpose and Give mindset within the organization so that a transition would be achieved from potato factory to purpose-driven potato brand.



It was a fantastic 1 1/2 year journey with 14 workshop days and extensive work in between. All disciplines of the company participated: sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, the factories, really everyone.

Fundamental organizational changes have been made both in terms of mentality and actual structure. Thus the idea of a Product Studio was born, integrating technical research & development, product development, marketing, marketing communication and brand development into one department. A typical purpose economy development. Furthermore, communication and cooperation between the commercial departments, product development and supply chain were radically improved.

  • A Become Program using the following canvases and tools:
  • Become Purpose Canvas
  • Become Strategy Canvas
  • Become Tactics Canvas
  • Become Roadmap Canvas
  • Become Framework User Manual
  • Become Archetypes User Manual
  • Become Program Center

How Lamb Weston applies the Become Framework

Lamb Weston used a Become Purpose Strategist™ to facilitate the Become Program.