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“My now 20-year scientific research shows conclusively that the mindset of customers and employees is radically changing. The pursuit of meaning and purpose is the new norm. So you have to think and work differently as a business today than you used to: artisanal and purpose driven like famous violin maker Antoni Stradivarius instead of assembly line and money driven like industrial icon Henry Ford.

Eric HJ Bartels  |  CEO Become

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About our co-founder and CEO

Eric HJ Bartels is a well known Dutch serial entrepreneur, advisor and coach to well-known CEOs, philosopher and author of books on leadership and a musician. In his twenties, he studied law and played in rock bands. As a serial entrepreneur, he gained national fame in his native Netherlands during the Internet hype at the turn of the century. He started the world’s first Internet store in 1988, the first Amazon-like electronic marketplace in 1992 and the first multichannel marketing and communications agency in 1997.

He became nationally known with the latter company when a 5-part documentary was made about him that aired on prime time television and Dutch cinemas. In 2012, he started his current company Become.

1988 Started the world's first Internet store
1992 Started the first Amazon-like electronic marketplace
1997 Started the first multichannel communications agency
small-logo 2012 Started Become

“We employed the Become Framework to strengthen our brand. Before the Become Program, we were the 53rd most popular brand in the Netherlands, within a year of the program, we moved up to 6th position. That actually speaks volumes about the success of the Become Framework and Program.”

Rob Willemsen |  CCO Bolletje

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Eric and his research team have been researching the behavior of leaders and their companies for 17 years. So far, he has written 3 books on this subject which have been published in the Netherlands by the largest Dutch non-fiction publisher. Soon those books will also be published in all English-speaking countries. In addition, Eric still occasionally facilitates Become Programs himself to continue to improve the Become Framework®. He also advises and coaches a select group of multinational CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Eric is currently recording his first album of self-written songs together with producer George Konings at Sound Vision Studio in Arnhem, Netherlands.

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Transforming democracy and capitalism into a radically optimized version that suits self-actualizing people and societies.




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