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About Become Framework

Become Framework is a globally operating enterprise with the intrinsic purpose of helping to transform capitalism from the money-driven industrial capitalism of the 20th century to the value-driven purpose capitalism of the 21st century. To this end, we have developed the Become Framework methodology, a unique, easy-to-apply methodology that helps you transform your business into a purpose-driven, creative and agile entity with proportionally higher financial returns.

The first seeds of Become were sown when our co-founder Eric Bartels  began his research into the behavior of leaders, companies and brands nearly 20 years ago. Three  highly successful books then followed from that, published by the largest Dutch non-fiction publisher. Then companies like Apple, Walt Disney, Cargill and Univé Insurance asked Bartels to come do programs to help them based on those insights. From there, the Become Framework methodology was developed and the rest is history.

"A few years ago I met Eric Bartels, researcher, author and CEO of Become. For almost 20 years, Eric has been researching the behavior of purpose-driven companies, and has not only written three books about it but also developed a unique methodology together with his research team, called the Becoming Framework. I realized that this approach could lift us to a whole new level, not only because it is much faster and more effective than anything we had done before, but also because there is full ownership among employees and you see real improvements in daily operations, including unprecedented sales increases. And that's exactly what it did for us. Truly unique! It is a workshop-based approach I can honestly recommend to everyone."

Frits van Eerd | CEO Jumbo Supermarkten

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About our founder

Eric HJ Bartels is a well-known Dutch serial entrepreneur as well as a researcher and author. Eric started the world's first Internet store in 1988, the first electronic marketplace in 1992 and the first multichannel communications agency in 1997.

In 2005, he began his now famous research into the behavior of businesses and leaders. Since then he has extensively interviewed 450 global entrepreneurs and CEOs. He has discovered that there are two very specific mindsets with corresponding ways of thinking and working: the Get Mindset and the Give Mindset. The Get Mindset is the classic industrial mindset of the 20th century. The Give Mindset is the growing mindset of the 21st century. A revolutionary mindset because it seamlessly integrates the artisanal of the pre-industrial era and the technological of the industrial era. So, practically speaking, not ever more products, but ever better products. Products conceived and made from a deep intrinsic purpose to make the world a better place.

Ultimately, Bartels and his R&D team developed the Become Framework® that allows businesses to transform from a money- and Get-driven 20th century business to a purpose- and Give-driven 21st century business.

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