In the old days we used to hire traditional consultants or other specialists when we had a problem that needed to be fixed. The Become Framework approach, especially in the hands of a Become Purpose Strategist™, works differently. It takes advantage of the knowledge and expertise present in the company and channels that to optimize the business. In this way, you as an enterprise become your own consultancy. It is a unique, systematic and highly effective approach that I truly recommend.

Gaby Vreeken | Marketing Director Bayer Consumer Care

Bayer Consumer Care

Back to the original DNA and the accompanying entrepreneurial spirit

The consumer arm of Bayer began in 1899 with the invention of aspirin by German chemist Felix Hoffman. Hoffman had a father suffering from severe osteoarthritis in his knees that caused him constant pain.

Hoffman experimented with salicylic acid to come up with an effective painkiller and eventually created acetylsalicylic acid, which was then named aspirin. Felix Hoffmann’s innovation led to the widespread modern use of aspirin for pain relief.

When Gaby Vreeken became Marketing Director of Bayer Consumer Care, he found that the company had drifted far from the original DNA of the company that was created by chemist Felix Hoffman. The company was no longer governed by the best ideas, but by politics and business processes. What he found was an inert and paralyzed culture. By going through a Become Program with 75 participants and seven different nationalities, the company was able to find its way back to its original DNA and the accompanying wealth of ideas and creative artisanal organizational culture.

  • A Become Program using the following canvases and tools:
  • Become Purpose Canvas
  • Become Strategy Canvas
  • Become Tactics Canvas
  • Become Roadmap Canvas
  • Become Framework User Manual
  • Become Archetypes User Manual
  • Become Program Center

How Bayer applies the Become Framework

Apple used a Become Purpose Strategist™ to facilitate the Become Program.